The Ultimate Guide To The Archangels


Learn all about the 12 most popular archangels

Calling upon the archangels can bring so much love, peace and happiness to your life. This guide will tell you a bit about 12 of the most popular archangels. You will learn about each archangels specialities, how to invoke them and how you can recognise their presence.

Who Are The Archangels

How To Invoke The Archangels     How To Recognise Their Signs

Archangel Ariel           Archangel Azrael           Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Gabriel         Archangel Haniel         Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jophiel        Archangel Metatron        Archangel Michael

Archangel Raguel        Archangel Raphael        Archangel Raziel

Archangel Sandalphon         Archangel Uriel         Archangel Zadkiel


The archangels are the overseers of our guardian angels.They appear to be much larger in size than other angels and their energy can be felt much stronger. As very powerful beings they love to help with all earthly matters from helping human beings to helping the plants and animals.

As with all angels, the archangels are egoless which means they don’t have an ego like with human beings. The ego causes us to doubt yourself, believe in fear, and can cause you to have hateful feelings.

While the archangels may have male and female names, the angels are actually gender-less as they are essentially forms of energy. However you may come across certain archangels which have a stronger masculine energy to them or vice versa. In this guide you may see gender identities used such as ‘she’, this is to make it easier to read but also in the type of energy most feel strongest when in the presence of this archangel.

The archangels are some of the most loving spirits and energy you will come across, and they love to help you in anyway you can.The angels know everything about you and more, so you can always feel safe in their presence.


To invoke the archangels is actually very easy to do. Here are a number of ways you can do so.

  • Prayer
  • Ask for them out loud
  • Speak to them telepathically
  • Sing
  • Write to them on a piece of paper

For the archangels to help us all we have to do is ask. By using the above methods the archangels will come to your immediate help. Why not start with something simple and ask one of the archangels for protection. It can be as simple as going – “Archangel Michael, please protect me from any negativity that I may come across today”. It is that easy, and you cannot do it wrong.

For those of you wondering why not prayer straight to God or the divine, well when you prayer for the archangels help, it is God and the divine that sends them to help you.

The archangels are multi dimensional and not restricted to time in the same way we are here on Earth. So don’t worry about calling on the archangels in fear that you may be taking them away from more serious situations. The archangels can have an individual experience with everyone at the same time.

The angels and archangels are nondenominational, this means anyone can ask the angel realm for help.

There is no limit to what you can ask for help with. Even if you go for the classic “please find me the perfect parking spot” obviously you have to ask this in advance but you can even if you believe what you want to ask for may trivial the archangels say just ask. When the archangels help with the little things in life, this can make you a happier person which then creates a ripple effect to others around you and so on.

In this guide you will also see different types of crystals that can be used to assist with invoking and communicating with the archangels. No guide is 100% with this though and so it is best to go with your own guidance. Crystals are not a magic key to being able to communicate with the angels but it can help strengthen the connection.


Firstly you will be glad to know that you do not have to be clairvoyant, a medium or psychic to have an angelic experience. The angels and archangels help anyone and everyone who asks upon them with no judgement. The signs they give us can be subtle but when you start to recognise the signs they’ll become ever more apparent.

The angels are a fan of using all our senses to get our attention. Take a look at these…

  • Sight – you may see flashes of light in the form of streaks or little dots of light, most often seen in the corner of your eye. Some people even have experiences of seeing a fully formed angelic being in front of them.
  • Sound – you may hear the archangels say your name as you’re falling asleep or you may hear phrases or words in your mind which are responses to your prayers.
  • Taste- some people getting a sudden taste in there mouth of something sweet and tasty even though they haven’t recently eaten that particular food.
  • Touch – you may often find during moments of stillness such as when you’re falling asleep or during meditation you feel like someone is blowing at your forehead even if there is no draft and all windows are shut.
  • Smell – this is one that people often experience when communicating with the angels is a sudden smell of roses in the air even though there isn’t nothing nearby that could be the source.

The angels and archangels also love to give you messages by giving you repetitive thoughts and feelings. For example you may keep getting spontaneous thoughts that you should join up to a particular sports or health club, this may be the angels giving you guidance in response to a prayer that you have asked for.


The angels and archangels also like to leave us physical signs to show us their presence. A common method is the finding of feathers in your path. If you doubt that the feather you have just found is a sign from the angels then ask them to show you more for validation. You will find more often than not that you come across more feathers.

The angels also like to use the clouds to get our attention. People can often see cloud formations in the shapes of angels or cherubs or even in the shape of something that may be in response to a prayer. Next time you’re at a sacred site such as stone henge take a look up at the sky and see if there are any cloud signs for you.

It’s important not to try and force anything. When you have the faith that they are there and your prayers will be answered, that is when you will clearly notice the signs that the archangels are around you.


Archangel Ariel is the beautiful archangel that can be called upon to help us in times when we need more money, if there is any housing issues, but she is also great to call upon for any environmental issues that you may have. For example you can call upon Ariel to help with any environmental problems that are happening near you home such as fracking, or coastal erosion.

If you have a sick pet you can call upon Ariel to help with healing or to bring more loving energy to your pet. Also try calling Ariel to help other animals you see in the world who are being mistreated by human beings.


Ariel has a beautiful pale pink aura which you may decide to visualise surrounding any animals or plants. It is for this reason that you can use rose quartz to help with your connection to archangel Ariel.

Ask Ariel to be permanently at your pets side so that you know they are always protected.

Call upon Archangel Ariel for anything to do with your pets, animals, money, housing and any environmental issues.


Archangel Azrael helps with souls that have passed over from Earth on to heaven. If someone has recently passed away then call upon archangel Azrael to help them on to heaven. If you are grieving over a death and departed loved one then Azrael can be called upon to help you heal and to move on from the grief.


He is sometimes known as the angel of death to some cultures but do not worry as archangel Azrael is there to help already departed loved ones and is there to help show them the light.

If you are wanting to use crystal therapy in your connection to archangel Azrael then you can use a piece of whitish yellow calcite which also represents his off white light energy.

Call upon Archangel Azrael to assist departed loved ones to heaven and to heal grief.


Archangel Chamuel is the archangel to call upon when praying for world peace. He can help ease any anxious emotions you may have and can be called upon to help find any lost objects for example if you have recently lost a piece of jewellery, call upon Chamuel to help you relocate it.


Archangel Chamuel is one of the archangels that is mentioned in the Kabbalah, but as with all angels, they are non denominational which means anyone of any religion, creed or colour can call upon them.

You can even use a piece of rose quartz or green fluorite to help your connection to archangel Chamuel. Both will assist Chamuel in helping bring calming and peaceful energy to both you and the planet.

Call upon Archangel Chamuel to help with anxiety, lost items or people and global peace.


Archangel Gabriel is perhaps famous for his role in the nativity story. His name means messenger of God. Call upon Gabriel to help you if you have writers block or if you’re a teacher.

You can also call upon Gabriel if you ever need help involving children, including conception or if you are wanting to adopt or foster.

If you are looking for crystals to incorporate in your communication with archangel Gabriel you can use either a piece of danburite or a piece of citrine. Both of these crystals are transparent with shades of yellow and orange, this represents his copper coloured light.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel to help with writing, teaching and raising children including adoption and conception.


Archangel Haniel is another of the archangels that is mentioned in the Kabbalah. She is the perfect archangel to call upon to help with a woman’s monthly cycle, but can also be called upon to help increase your clairvoyance.


Archangel Haniel is the perfect archangel to call upon for any budding spiritualists and mediums as she can help give you clearer visions and a stronger connection.

If you are interested in using crystal therapy to help with your connection to archangel Uriel then you can use either a blue topaz or moonstone. These crystals are both pale bluish.

Call upon Archangel Haniel if you need healing for women’s monthly cycles and help with clairvoyance.


Archangel Jeremiel can be called upon to help us with forgiveness. Sometimes the best healing we can do in a situation is forgiveness. While it may seem a hard task to do, by calling on Jeremiel, he can help give you the strength to find forgiveness for others and yourself and can help keep your emotions calm and peaceful.

Jeremiel is also one of 7 archangels that is mentioned in ancient Jewish texts. To incorporate crystal therapy in to your communication with Jeremiel then you can use a piece of amethyst.

Call upon Archangel Jeremiel to help with forgiveness, your emotions and making positive life changes.


Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty. She can help neutralise any negative energy and will help beautify any spaces like your home or office as well as your thoughts. She is the ideal archangel to call upon if you’re an artist or in a creative industry.


If you are thinking of using crystals to help your connection to archangel Jophiel then you can use either pink tourmaline which represents her pink light energy or you can use citrine which can help Jophiel neutralise your space and bring you create ideas.

Call upon Archangel Jophiel to help remove negativity, fill your aura with beauty, help with organising and anything involving your home environment.


Archangel Metatron is the archangel that can help you to heal any childhood issues or abandonment issues. If you have any crystal or indigo children then Metatron is the perfect archangel to call upon.

Archangel Metatron is one of the archangels that is mentioned in the Kabbalah. If you wish to use crystals to help with invoking and communication with archangel Metatron then you can use a piece of watermelon tourmaline which represents his green and pink light or you can even use diamonds which would be preferred in its natural state, however they are still expensive in this form.

Call upon Archangel Metatron for help healing childhood issues, assistance with learning disorders and the raising of indigo and crystal children.


Archangel Michael is one of the most famous archangels. He is a protector and will clear away any negative energy or entities. Call upon him to remove any fear from your life. Archangel Michael is mentioned in many religious texts including Christianity, Islam and Jewish.

Archangel Michael is often known as the most powerful of all the archangels he has a vivid blue to royal purple light around him so if you are wanting to use crystals to invoke archangel Michael then you can use either lapis lazuli or a piece of sugilite.

Call upon Archangel Michael for protection, removing negative entities, clearing away negative energy and to give your strength and courage.


Archangel Raguel will bring peace to your relationships. If you have recently had a fall out with a friend or family member, call upon Raguel to heal the relationship and to bring peace. Raguel will make any communications you have to be harmonious, peaceful and filled with love and clear understandings.


Use a piece of aquamarine if you feel guided to use crystal therapy in your work with archangel Raguel.

Call for Archangel Raguel to help clear and heal misunderstandings, relationships and with any communications in your day.


Archangel Raphael is the healing angel. His natural ability to help heal and to assist others in healing is powerful. If you’re ill or about to go in to surgery then call upon archangel Raphael to bring healing, the knowledge needed and strength.

You can even call upon Raphael to help heal your friends, family and pets. By using these crystals you can help strengthen your connection to archangel Raphael. They are malachite or emeralds. Both are green and represent his vivid healing green light.

Call upon Archangel Raphael to give help healing ailments, healing others and for protection with any traveling you or others may be doing.


Archangel Raziel is the archangel to call upon if you’re undergoing a past life regression. You can also call upon Raziel if you want some help with any dream interpretations, or if you facing any psychic blocks that may be preventing you from receiving clear communication from the spirit world.

Raziel likes to use a healing light of all the rainbow colours. You can incorporate his rainbow light in to any meditations or prayers.


If you like to use crystal therapy then you can use either clear quartz which is more common or another type of crystal call iolite. Using crystals can help increase the strength of communication between you and the archangels.

Call for Archangel Raziel to help remove psychic blocks healing past life issues and to help understand your dreams.


Archangel Sandalphon is the one to call upon if you’re a musician. He can help you create and play music which will inspire and heal all those who listen to it. If you have or know someone with a naturally aggressive personality then you can call upon archangel Sandalphon to remove any aggressive energy and bring  a calming peaceful energy to yourself or the person in question.


If you are feeling like you want to use crystals to connect with archangel Sandalphon then why not try a piece of turquoise with its bright and vivid colour. It has also been known that Sandalphon likes Fulgurite.

Call upon Archangel Sandalphon to remove any anger you may be feeling, to bring you calmness and if you sing or play a musical instrument.


Archangel Uriel is the archangel of wisdom and intellect. Ask him to help you if you’re studying for an exam or in need of some inspirational ideas.

Uriel is regarded as one of the 4 main archangels, the others being Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

When using crystals to connect with archangel Uriel, you will be best to incorporate either a ruby or a piece of amber. Their fiery colours will help your connection and to help Uriel burn away miscommunication and to heal any resentment.

Call for Archangel Uriel if you want some wisdom, help with new ideas and any education issues such as studying.


Archangel Zadkiel is the archangel that can help with any metal difficulties you may be facing including stress or memory issues. Zadkiel is also one of the archangels that is mentioned in the Kabbalah.


Zadkiel has two common types of crystals that are often used to help strengthen their connection with this archangel. These are amethyst and lapis lazuli, even though they are different colours they are in the same range.

Call upon Archangel Zadkiel to help improve your memory, heighten your mood levels, improve mental function and removing lower energies.

The archangels and their history is long and expansive. Comment below with your experiences of the archangels and share your stories!

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