Why You Should Be Doing The Certified Angel Card Reader Course

So most of you reading this page right now will be considering whether to take the Certified Angel Card Readers course by Hay House…

The one created by Angel expert Doreen Virtue and Tarot extraordinaire Radleigh Valentine.

The definitive answer to whether you should do this course is YES.

…and here’s why…

As a certified angel card reader myself I have found my own personal readings to be stronger, clearer and the guidance I am receiving much easier to understand.

But it’s not just about improving for your own benefit.

You will learn how to give professional readings to friends, family and even to members of the public. (You may even decide to earn an income from it) AND it’s all taught in this course.

You probably have a few questions going round in your head before taking the plunge and doing the course.

Lets see if I can answer some of them for you!

“Why should I already buy this course if I’ve been doing psychic/ card readings for years?

One of the many priceless things you will receive from completing this course is you will become an accredited reader.

Yes that means a fancy certificate you can print out and hang up by your desk, but it can offer so much more than that.

This is something you will legally be allowed to display on your website or business card.

Which brings you kudos in the marketing department.

New clients will feel more trustworthy towards you having known that you have an accreditation with a leading publisher.

In an industry where there are many fakes and scammers, accreditation lets potential clients know that you are a professional and you take your craft seriously.

In an increasingly busy market, accreditation could be the reason they choose you over someone else.

You will also be given access to a range of resources with tips and knowledge you may not have had previously and it is this useful information from two leading experts in angel and tarot readings that may just give you that new perspective and allow your readings to be more accurate and clear than ever before.


“Is an online course really worth that much?”

I can totally relate to you if you are worrying about the cost of this course, and you may be questioning if it is actually worth it.

You have to remember you are also investing YOU. 

Not only may this course help you out with a new form of income from selling your readings but it also can help to give you clearer and more detailed readings that will benefit you when connecting to the angels for advice.

Sure there may be online videos out there for free…

…and yes they may be good or bad. But what you’re paying for us is all these resources in one place with its own friendly community willing to help you on your path.

And let’s not forget you are being taught by leading people in the industry.

You are also getting an accreditation which is your proof to future clients that you have taken the time to study.

Remember – you are being taught BY the creators of the angel tarot decks and who have sold many decks of oracle cards and books on this topic.

This is taking a hobby and passion to the next level and choosing to invest in a course such as this is making a choice to invest in you. So say today – I am worth it!

Certified Angel Card Reader

“Can I even pull this off, what if I’ll never be a good card reader?”

That is exactly what this course is for.

By taking the course you will gain the confidence you need to become a good card reader as well as to ignore the ego which is causing you to doubt.

That is why online courses are so great – they can be done in your own time to fit round your schedule.

The CACR is also set in to bite size chunks and is made up of different videos within each chapter. So you can slowly work through it at your own pace.

You can also breathe a sigh of relief to know there is no race and no deadlines you have to meet. 

They will even teach you what to do if a reading doesn’t make sense as you’re picking the cards for a client.

Everything is covered on the certified angel card reader course.

Plus you will not be alone, if you have any worries there is an online community of other students and graduates that help you on the journey and this community is monitored. It’s one of the most friendly and supportive internet groups out there.

Everyone is there to listen and help one another so you will not come across any competitive or aggressive people which can be common in online course communities.

So don’t delay and so the CACR today!

CACR Course

“Why now?”

You may be procrastinating and putting it of but that is a fools move.

Take the next step now and purchase the CACR course today, this will finally get the ball rolling that you have been planning in your head.

That means you’ve taken the first step!

Dreams don’t come true without action and by  purchasing the course you will be starting the journey to your dreams.

Whether that is to sell readings online or even as an addition to your current spiritual business. If you keep saying I’ll get it next month which some of you may be thinking this very minute, you will only say the same thing the next month and so on and so on.

And things will never change…

The sooner you start the more you will be able to start fulfilling your passion and life purpose.

Here is a quick link to the course – Become a certified angel card reader

If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact me.

If you haven’t already got the deck – buy this angel tarot deck from Radleigh and Doreen. This is the main deck that they use throughout the course. Though you will be glad to know there is a virtual version of this deck included with the course. Buy the deck here  or get the deck on your

Certified Angel Card Reader Course

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