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Did you know by working with the fairies you can bring magic in to your life, abundance to your bank account and happiness to your day. The fairies are fun and friendly and are great spirits to communicate with.


Fairies are the angels of the Earth. Not all fairies are the typical Disney tinker bell interpretation.

Elementals also come under the fairy umbrella. They can be known as the fairies of water, fire, air and earth.

There are fairies in all areas of the world and they are known by different names depending on the culture of that place.

These magical spirits are here on Earth to protect the planet and to help care for the animals…

…they are very happy for us to help them in their mission.

Unlike the angels the fairies have egos just like you and me.

When they first come in to contact with you they will intuitively scan you to see how you treat the planet. If you have a do not care attitude, throw your rubbish on the ground and disrespect animals then you may find they take a dislike to you and decide to get revenge.

This is how they have a mixed reputation with people as some may have been victim to a prank by the fairies.


When we treat the Earth with respect the fairies are always happy to help us in return, this may be in the form of a sudden income of money, healing or helping to grow your plants to be healthy and strong.


The fairies naturally live outside in nature however by bringing nature indoors we can bring the fairies in to our homes.

The number one way we can do this is by introducing plants to each room. If you have small children why not create an indoor fairy garden. If you bring in an element of nature you’ll soon be sure to have fairies in your house.

Leave them a gift of food, the fairies love organic and unprocessed food, especially if it’s sweet! This could be anything from a strawberry to a piece of organic cacao.

You may be wondering if you leave it out will it disappear. Since the fairies aren’t physical beings but spiritual they will only energetically ‘eat’ the food.

You may find that if you eat the food afterwards the taste isn’t as strong or may even be a bit bland, this is a sign that the fairies have accepted your gift and enjoyed it!


Make the fairies happy and do these things to help the planet today and welcome them in to your home.

  • Pick up any litter you may see.
  • Buy eco friendly cleaning and cosmetic products.
  • Eat less animal products.
  • Eat more organic or locally grown food.
  • Never buy anything tested on animals.
  • Leave them organic and sweet treats.
  • Create a sacred fairy circle for them.
  • Bring plants in to your home.

Inviting the fairies in to your life and home will open up to you a world full of magic where you find money out of nowhere at that moment that you just needed, see your plants grow so big and abundant and allow you to feel good about helping the environment!

It is everyones responsibility to tend to and care for the Earth and its animal inhabitants. If you help them, they will help you.


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