How To Give An Angel Card Reading


Giving an angel card reading can be fun, insightful and rewarding.

To give someone a card reading can be simple to do and you will often find your own way of doing it.

Your intuition and gut instinct is your best teacher and guide.

Use this guide as a template to help you start off but it is important 

The most important thing is to HAVE FUN!


Choosing the deck to use for your reading is about following your heart and intuition.

You may have just one deck that you use for all your readings.

If you have a variety of decks such as the romance angels deck by doreen virtue, you may decide to use this reading for a question related to dating and relationships.

If you feel guided to 2 different card decks that you own and you can’t decide which, then use both.

Trust your intuition with this and mix your card decks together.

If you haven’t already got a deck then the daily guidance deck by Doreen Virtue makes a great starter deck.

Choosing a deck to work with is a personal thing. You may end up buying several different decks till you find one that you ‘click’ with. It’s all part of the journey.

There are a wide variety of card decks out there, take a look at different online stores as you may find some really cool niche decks.

You may even decide to create your own deck!

Once you have chosen the deck you’d like to work with then you’re ready to move on to the next step.


Before you start using your cards it’s important to cleanse them…

Why? Because your card decks can collect residual energy over time.

By cleansing your cards you are refreshing them and clearing the energy from any past readings you’ve given with them.

It’s also important to do this step with any new deck you get.

Once you have cleansed your deck of cards you will get much clearer readings.

Their are many ways you can cleanse your cards…

Here is one way.

Hold your deck in your left hand, and knock on the top 3 times as though you are knocking any stagnant energy out of them.

You can also imagine a bright white light cleansing the deck.

Follow your instinct in finding a method that you find most comfortable doing. As long as the intention is there you’ll be fine.


So now you’re at the asking a question stage, but first let’s ask for protection and connection to the angelic realm.

This is such a simple thing to do and doesn’t have to be technical at all.

A simple prayer to archangel Michael and your guides is all that is needed…

…unless you feel guided to do more!

As an extra measure you might like to imagine yourself in a white bubble of protective light.

Again follow your gut instinct and do as many or little steps as you feel guided to.

You’re welcome to use this prayer…

‘Dear Archangel Michael,

Please protect me as I connect to my guides and the angels, may only messages of love, hope and clear guidance come through and that their is a shield against all negativity.’

Now when you’re asking your question the trick is to not be too broad with it.

You could keep it simple such as ‘what would you like me to know?’

However… If you plan to ask a more indepth question here are a few great tips to follow.

Instead of asking a ‘should I?’ question like ‘should I move? or Should I quit my job?’…

You should be asking a question like ‘What will happen if i move to such a city… or what would happen if I quit my job today?’

Not only will you get a clearer response for spirit but it will help you in making an informed decision.

When you ask a ‘Should I?’ question you’re making it very difficult for spirit to answer.

What if the 2 places you were deciding to move to were BOTH good choices and both would allow you to excel.

So before you plan to ask your question, stop and think.


This is probably the easiest bit!

It really is down to your own personal preference.

If you’ve got the skills of a Las Vegas casino worker then go ahead and do your fanciest tricks.

Some people like to spread all the cards out on a table and mix them up that way or as the method I prefer is to just simply take one from the top and place it somewhere in the pile.

Have some fun with this, laughter will help raise your spiritual vibration.


The trick for this is to not overthink.

When you overthink and worry if you’re picking the right card then you may miss hearing a message or guidance coming to you.

A popular method is to keep shuffling till a card pops up in the deck or even springs out on to the floor. These are cards that are wanting your attention for the reading, so pick it out and place it on the surface.

Now the number of cards to choose is down to the layout of the reading that you are wanting to give. There are many card layouts for you to choose from.

A simple method is either a 1 card reading or a 3 card reading. If you’re doing a 3 card reading you may like to choose the first card as past, the second card as present and then the third card is the future outcome.

If you are wanting to do a reading for the following year you would then be best to pick 12 cards. So that you have 1 for each month.

If you don’t feel keen to do the shuffling till a card pops out method just trust your gut instinct and do as you feel.

Some people like to shuffle till they hear a number in their head for example 2, they will then do 2 more shuffles of the card and the top 3 cards on that deck will be the cards chosen as part of the reading.

It’s really up to you as well which way you prefer the cards to be when you put them down on the surface you’re using either faced down or faced up.

At first you are probably best experimenting with different methods till you find one that resonates most with you.


Do not worry about picking a wrong card, simply because you can’t. The natural law of attraction means you will always get a card that will have meaning to the issue you’re asking about.


This is a part that can often confuse and worry people when working with oracle and tarot cards.

It can be overwhelming and you will often resort to reading the guidebook.

TRY not to use the guidebook to see the meanings of the cards.

The best and most accurate guide you need is trusting your intuition.

So the very first thing you need to do is relax… breathe…. and smile.

So for the sake of the example we’ll do a 3 card reading.

Turning over the first card, pay attention to what your eyes are first drawn to, maybe you see a butterfly in the corner of the drawing, or you may just see the word – ‘Time to let go’.

As well as what your eyes are drawn to, pay attention to your other senses as well, do you suddenly smell something, and notice how it makes you feel or how it can relate, what are you gut feelings telling you, do you suddenly feel nervous?

The human body is the best divination tool you have so utilise it.

AND it’s ok to pause and gather all your emotions and thoughts before saying out loud the reading.

Once you have given your thoughts on the first card, move on to the second and do the same, and so on to the third (or however many cards you have as part of your reading).

After you have done each card you may want to summarise the reading as a whole and give any other extra information you feel you may have received.


At this point you have now finished your reading and your client/ yourself has gotten the answer to the question asked.

It’s important to say thank you to the angels, your spirit guides and the Divine.

Doing a psychic reading of any sort can use a considerable amount of your energy, especially if you’re new to it and doing many consecutive readings.

Take a moment to take some deep breaths while imagining a cleansing white light surround you. 

It’s also important to ground yourself after connecting to the Divine so a quick way to do this is to place your feet firmly on the ground and imagine roots coming from your feet going down into the centre of the earth. 

Stay still for a minute while taking a deep breath and visualising the roots from your feet into the earth.

If you are wanting to take your readings to the next level then check out the certified angel card reader course that is produced by Hay House which will give you accreditation. (See the banner below).

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