Don’t feel bad for accepting payment of your spiritual gifts

Don’t feel bad for accepting payment of your spiritual gifts, and here’s why!
Just take a moment and think about these examples below.
 For those who say to you that you shouldn’t charge money because your talents are a gift, look at it this way…
  • Should doctors not charge because of their gift to heal and understand the body?
  • Should an artist not charge for their painting?
  • Should a dancer never sell tickets to a performance?

As a spiritual worker you have also worked hard at honing your skills and keeping your energy clean and bright.

By accepting payment you are partaking in a fair exchange of energy. In universal order you should receive as well as give. It needs to be balanced.

Now for those of you who believe in living a past life or even having done a past life regression…
As a spiritual worker you are no longer living in monastery.
In the past this would allow you to carry out your spiritual work as well as support you with food and shelter.
In the modern era that we live today – it is up to yourself to provide that.
You may have even taken a vow of poverty in a previous life. (You don’t have to live like that anymore).
The angels want you to know that you don’t have to go through poverty to reach a level of enlightenment or to be rewarded by the universe.
Ask Archangel Michael to cut those cords that are stopping you from earning abundance in both your work life and spiritual work.
Your gifts from the universe are there to spread love and joy to those you share it with. If you partake in a fair exchange of energy it will give you even more opportunity to share your spiritual gifts.
Training your spiritual senses and abilities can cost time and money and so never feel afraid to charge for your spiritual services.
It will mean you can spend more time fulfilling your life purpose rather than working a unfulfilling job just to pay your bills.
To help us see this more clearly let’s take a quick look at this scenario…
Scenario version 1
Claire is an aspiring angel card reader, she doesn’t charge for readings as she has been told in the past she shouldn’t charge money for spiritual services considering they’re a gift from God and can easily be taken away from her.
So that she can live and afford to look after her family she also works full-time in an office that gives her no joy and Claire doesn’t feel fulfilled. She would love to own a spiritual practice where she can help people. At the moment she can only give a reading about once a week.
Nothing has changed a year on and Claire is still in the same unfulfilling job and deep down only wants to help people with her angel readings.
Scenario version 2
Sarah is an aspiring angel card reader, she DOES charge a fee for her readings.
She does work in an office but only part-time as the money she gets from her readings helps to supplement her income so she can afford to spend more time giving more readings to people. She also gets better at her spiritual practices and can afford to take an online course and take part in seminars so she can give even more clear readings to her clients.
Over time she can make this her full-time career and Sarah feels fulfilled and on the right path with her life purpose.
As we can see from these 2 different scenarios, Sarah the angel card reader who does charge is able to give more readings to people, has more time to improve her spiritual abilities and feel fulfilled with her work.
If you still feel uneasy about accepting cash payments for your spiritual work then there are lots of other alternatives out there which can mean you are still partaking in the energy exchange.
Ask them to make a donation to your favourite charity, let them teach you a new skill or make something for you in return.
In simple terms by allowing a fair energy exchange you are able to share your spiritual gifts with MORE people!
…and don’t listen to people telling you that you shouldn’t be charging for spiritual work. (They come from a place of fear and as we know that is NOT the inner voice you should be listening to).
Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope it influences you to make positive and inspiring steps in your life and assists you on the path of your life purpose.
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