4 Easy To Do Tips That Will Start Your Angel Card Business

If you are thinking of starting a business as an angel or tarot card reader then follow these very simple 4 tips that will get you started on this deeply rewarding venture.

So let’s start!

1. Defining your product or service and the finding your niche

The very first thing you need to decide on is clearly what your product is going to be and then finding your niche.

Let’s go through this together…

You have decided you want to start selling angel card readings.

So you’ve decided to do online readings…

Now you need to start defining exactly what the service will be.

Do you want to provide your readings over a service like Skype? Email? PDF? Or even in an audio file format?

By starting to plan how you will present your service now you will be saving yourself time later on.

As a tip, always make sure it is something you are comfortable with. Ask yourself will it be easy to use or learn and do you trust your internal guidance. Don’t try to imitate your competition, do your own thing and you will see the results will be much better.

Now following on…

Have a niche you can focus on, this DOESN’T mean you should restrict your clients or services but it can help you to focus your product in a certain direction.

So let us come up with some ideas…

…you could decide to focus on relationship readings (people always have questions about romance) which could become your speciality.

Try to blend your reading services with any other skills you may have.

Such as if you are a healthy eating expert you could combine the 2 and do angel readings on how to improve their health AS WELL AS using your knowledge on nutrition with tips so that they can follow the results of the angel card reading.

Your niche isn’t about restricting you but allowing you to focus on a particular market and to help you prosper with that as your speciality.

2. Know who your target audience is

By knowing your target audience it will allow you to make more intelligent decisions. Especially when it comes to marketing your business.

It will help you focus your mission to find where your audience is and allow you to plan and manage your time better.

You now have to find out who your audience is and who will be interested in your readings.

So again lets have a look at an example…

You’ve defined your business as an online angel card reader and you want your niche to be romance readings.

So now you have this information it will make it easier to start looking for your target audience.

With this example you can start to look at websites focused on romance and relationships, you can advertise to people who are looking for love or who are having difficulties with their relationships.

3. Develop brand awareness and build your credibility

Now you may think that setting up a Facebook page for your new business is enough…

Unfortunately marketing on Facebook has become a lot more time consuming and expensive.

So don’t worry about your competition if they have lots more followers or Facebook likes than you.

Putting all your efforts in to Facebook isn’t even guaranteed success. It is now common that you have to pay to promote your posts so that even your OWN followers to see your posts.

That’s why it’s important not to heavily rely on social media.

Think of it this way…

1 Person has 1000 page likes yet only 10 of these likes are likely to engage with the content you produce.

Where as you may only have 100 likes yet 50 of these likes are likely to engage.

So even though the other person has more page likes, YOUR page is actually  engaging with more people and actually helping to publicise your business as well as having a higher conversion rate.

…and that conversion rate is your main goal as that means sales and people choosing you to give them an angel card reading.

With your marketing think outside the box, ask the angels to help you come up with creative ideas and just meditate till they pop in your head.

For those of you new to that concept – it really does work. Try it out.

If you want to help create credibility why not offer free readings. You could then give them a 10% off voucher they can use themselves or give to a friend.

With a business that is spiritually based your credibility should be your number 1 task.

In an industry that already has a lot of skeptics and have witnessed people who do take advantage of grieving people be the bright light and show your clients both current and potential that you are there for them.

You are here to share your gift and spread the love and joy of the DIVINE. Let them know it is safe to trust you. 

To help improve the appearance of your credibility why not take an online course.

For example Hay House have an online course to become a certified angel card reader.

They will teach you to start a business reading for others as well as how to become a professional card reader but the big bonus is you also receive accreditation.

Including introducing you to a whole online community.

Check it out here.

4. Keeping Focused

A big belief of mine is not to imitate what your competition is doing but to follow your own gut and follow through with your ideas.

That doesn’t mean you should not follow good advice from others though.

Repetitive thoughts and ideas are usually coming from a divine source.

Always have a pen and paper or use your smart phone to take down ideas even when out and about so you can make a note of it before you forget.

If you ever feel overwhelmed do the following:

  • Reconnect with nature
  • Go outside for a walk
  • Ground yourself
  • Jump in the air
  • AND do what makes you feel joy again.

Keep your focus on service, try not to focus on what you are expecting to receive in return for your work.

Have the faith that the universe will reward you in ways far better than what your imagination can think of.

Why not try using some affirmations to help keep you focused.

‘My business is a success, and the universe brings me people I can help’

‘I enjoy my work’

‘My business is such a big success, and it allows me to share my abundance’

Write one or a couple down that resonate with you and say them at the start of each day or if you’re ever feeling at a standstill with your business.

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