Welcome to the angel hamlet - the website about all things angelic and celestial.

Here you will find a source of information on how to connect with the angels, how to meet the fairies and many more ways you can integrate the spirit realm in to your life.


With so much information out there these days it can be a struggle to find the basics you can actually use to improve yourself and life with. Our articles only contain the important tips and tricks that will assist you in your life.

We even have a fantastic online store on both ebay and etsy where you can fill your home with magical crystals and inspiring angel gifts. We even have a published book on the kindle store so that you can connect to the powerful archangels whenever you need to.


Based in Lancashire, UK. I am interested in all aspects of spirituality and while no one person has all the answers, I am here to help you on your journey. As well as being an empath and intuitive, I am a certified angel card reader, and a recent graduate of doreen virtues fairyology course. If you have any questions about those courses send me a message and I will be happy to answer them the best that I can.

Love and light

Mark @ The Angel Hamlet


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