2 Super Easy Ways That Will Help You Connect To The Angels

Did you know that you can get divine help with any situation in your life.

It’s super easy and you don’t need any special skills or secret knowledge to do it.

When the Angels are in your life you will notice life becomes easier, you become more at one with the universe and you will feel happier and relaxed.

All you have to do is invite the Angels to help.

The Angels love it when you call upon them for help. Ready and watching over us like the protective guardians they are.

You may be thinking…

“Well why aren’t they helping me now, why do I need to invite them help?”

The answer to this is – Free Will!

We all have it and they do not intentionally get in the way of our time here on Earth (unless it is not yet out time to return back to heaven).

By using these simples tips you will be giving permission for the angels to come and help you.

Step 1. Ask them

Sing at the top of your voice like you would in the shower…

….only joking, though you can if that’s what you feel guided to do!

You don’t actually have to be loud to ask the Angels for help.

You can ask for their help just by thinking of them in your mind and they will hear you clearly.

You can ask them as though you’re asking a friend for help or even in the form of a prayer, go with which ever way you feel most comfortable.

Angels belong to no single religion so make up your own rules with how you ask them. You can even write it down on a notepad if that’s what you prefer.

If you ever feel scared call upon Archangel Michael to protect you and remove any negative beings and energy from around you.

It really works and you can feel his protective and powerful energy swoosh over you.

Step 2. Visualise

It really is that simple. You can visualise Angels in any way that you feel guided to.

A common method for visualising the Angels is to imagine a bright white light wherever you want the Angels to be.

For example… this could be around yourself or even your entire house. Some people even like to imagine the whole of planet Earth in a bright white light. This is an easy way to ask the Angels just to be around you even if you have no specific questions or requests.

Next time you get in a car, before you set off, imagine the car in a protective Angel bubble of light.

Try it out for extra protection while you travel.

No task is too small or large for the Angels.

Did you know they can even help you find the perfect parking space, though do remember to ask before you set of to give them enough time.

The Angels and the Universe may give you what you wish for but it may not be as expected, just know and have faith that they have the best and most loving intentions for you

Try it out right now and ask the Angels to help you out with a situation in which you would like some divine assistance.

Do remember to always say thank you to the Angels and Universe.

That is all that is needed as they are just happy to see your happy mood spread to those around you creating a ripple effect of positive energy here on Earth.

Why not share this blog with your friends and family, you never know it could just change their life for the better!

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